Monday, November 11, 2013

When did it get to be November?

I mean, am I right?!  They say time flies when you're having fun - but my mom also says that times flies the older you get. I guess I've been having so much fun, I didn't realize I was getting old in the process. November is a super month for me, it is my birth month, it's the heart of football season and the month for Thanksgiving - the holiday that kicks off the holiday season. Most people use New Year's to reflect and make changes for themselves and others - I use my birthday. Year after year, I have promised myself that this would be my year. And don't get me wrong, every year gets better and better, but every year, something happens and I find myself making the same promises as the previous year.  That promise - to get healthy and make lifestyle changes that will help me get more fit and finally lose those pesky pounds that are holding me back (atleast in my mind). This year is no different.  But this year, I am going to do it. I have some exciting things planned to start off my 33rd year!

I decided to try out the 24 Day Advocare Challenge. I am currently on day 8 and I can honestly say that I really don't feel too much of a difference (am I supposed to?). I am in the cleanse phase, and it is pretty easy to follow and not like any other cleanses (if ya know what I mean).  I did some before pics and took my measurements, and will update when I am done with the full 24 days. While I don't mind the supplements, I am not a fan of meal replacements and that is what I am facing for 14 days of breakfasts in the next phase.  I like real food for my meals - but in the spirit of following along and giving the challenge a fair shot, I am going to follow the program as provided.

I am supposed to get 30 minutes of activity in daily. I have not been so good at hitting that goal, but started back today with an arm/core workout. I need to get better at this overall.  But like I said, I will do a full review once I am done with the 24 days.

I am truly blessed in my life, and I know that. There is not much in my life that I can complain about, my life is really good. But I need to get my shit in gear and start focusing on me and making better choices for my health.

Here's to another great year, it'll be November 2014 before we know it!

*Full disclosure - I signed up to be an Advocare distributor in order to get the discount on the challenge bundle and supplemental vitamins.  I am not soliciting for customers, or trying to sell anyone anything. Although if anyone is interested, I am happy to help.  


Fizzgig said...

the only advocare product I've tried thus far, is spark, which I love, and the chocolate protein shake, which was...ok! latley I have not been recovering from workouts very well and I'm going to start the night time recovery supplements and see if it works. the people at my gym that did the 24 day advocare challenge had lots of success, but you can win a year membership if you lose the most body there is incentive to be really hard core, and plus you get the semi private training I don't know how the average person benefits...update us in the end, I'm super curious to know how it works for you!!

If your body is a temple, mine must be a mansion! said...

I love the Spark drink - it is like kool aid - but better ;-) I am definitely not going all hard core - but will post an update at the end.