Friday, November 8, 2013

Sometimes there are knots

I have had a knot in one of my most favorite necklaces for the longest time (I'm guessing atleast over a year).  The knot formed way back when (because I can't have new things) and I have struggled to fix it, and than forgot about over and over.  I finally just gave up and thought I would have to live with the knot (because apparently I cannot have nice things either). 

I wear my necklace everyday and even after I gave up on the knot, I would notice it and think, "I'm going to work on that knot when I get home/get some free time/this weekend."  I never did - it would get put on the back burner and that's where it would stay.  It bothered me that it was there, but clearly, I wasn't that invested in trying to un-knot it. 

Today, I un-knotted my necklace.  And to say that gave me sense of relief and accomplishment is an understatement.  I fixed the knot. 

And now, I can only move forward and be extra aware of what caused the knot in the first place. 

Funny story, huh? 

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