Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Completely Relatable

I'm bigger than everyone in my Yoga class too... 

And I know how hard it is to get down on yourself because of a pair of jeans (this past weekend, and a pair was actually 4 pairs till I found a pair to fit), or let your confidence in a pose plummet because your stomach gets in the way (bend your knees and step forward to a long lunge/the top of your mat among many others).

I go to yoga to get that one hour to myself, and to work on me from the inside out. I am super lucky I get this one hour a week for me. I never want to spend that hour (or the time after ...) feeling bad/losing confidence in myself. This defeats the entire purpose for me.  While my ass isn't bigger from crossfit, but from quite the opposite (lack of running and eating like I am 15 again) I relate to this post.  I already have the stigma of being the "bigger girl" in class, and whether anyone else notices or not, it is something I try to work through weekly so I most certainly don't need any other negative thoughts weaseling their way into my practice.  

The universe gives you what you need, when you need it and this was a great reminder for me.   

Pattabhi Jois sums it up in reminding us, “Yoga is an internal practice; the rest is just a circus.” So whether you are a size 2 or a size 16, the real practice is inside of you—in learning to accept yourself unconditionally, and choosing to love and honor yourself, no matter what size jeans you find yourself in.

Just what I needed.

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